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Welcome to, the colorful world of alternative fashion! In our collections you’ll find accessories, clothing for girls and boys, plenty of bags, cosmetics, hairdyes, high quality hair extensions and a lot more of cool sub-culture items with a fresh, trendy edge. We are alternatively yours, with plenty of love!

Here you find everything you need to shock your grandmas and fellow citizen; from crazy contact lenses to gothic clothes, piercings and earlobe expanders to shocking haircolors. We have more than 5000 products on our site, so we guarantee you’ll find the right one(s) for your personal style and wallet!

Our clothing-selection has something for everyone; we offer you rock-style clothes, gothic corsets, pin up dresses, punk pants, earthbound fair-trade clothing, lolita clothes, neon raver accessories, all kinds of youthfull and trendy, unique clothing, plenty of accessories and so much more!

Please also check out our color contact lenses, fiber dreadlocks and hairfibers, shock hairdyes, corsets, hair extenxions and see our instructions for attaching and treatment of hair extensions.

Place your order and let us reform your wardrobe with spashes of color, it’s fast, cheap and easy! On orders over 75€ you’ll get a free shipping no matter which side of the world you live in. We are a trust-worthy company and always at your service, ready to assist you with any questions you might have via e-mail or phone and you’ll find our page in facebook. You can also visit our \“gorgeous shops.\”: if you want to admire the products closer!

Click in and enjoy the ride! <3