Wide selection of different accessories from purses to patches and shoelaces. You can order the products easily from our webshop, and you will receive your order soon!

Are you in the need of socks or legwarmers? Our comprehensive selection has something for everyone, as in furry neoncolored legwarmers or lacey stay-up socks.

Ties and suspenders work for male and female, for punk-, glamour- or lolita-styled gals and guys. We have both bright sequin-ties as well as colorful rose-patterned suspenders.

People who like it lound and groovy; don’t forget to check our wide selection of earphones and headphones. Different sizes, colors and styles, for example ones with teddies or howabaout with red, delicious mushrooms?

Missing something cheeky? Check out our products for wild nights! You won’t get bored for sure!
All items are packed with love, and they will arrive to you before you even notice!

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