Shock hairdyes

A wide range of Crazy Color and StarGazer shock haircolors from the internet for a low price!

Our shock hairdyes are safe to use and do not damage the hair, since there’s no peroxide or ammonia in the formula and they are PPD-free. Shock haircolors are easy to use and spread evenly without dripping. You can also mix and blend the colors together for a unique color of your own.

You can use the colors to get a shocking bright haircolor or brighten up your own worn-out tone. Shock haircolors are also easy way to dip-dye your hair. Colors can be used as a conditioner after shampooing, after wich the color stays bright for a long time. Bottle can also be stored for weeks after opening, since it doesn’t include any peroxide.

For a clear and bright shock haircolor, we recommend bleaching of the hair before using the dyes. You will also find the suitable and strong Crazy Color and StarGazer bleaching kits from our collection.

All of our shock haircolors come with finnish and english instructions for use. They do not require mixing and are ready to use straight from the bottle. Apply the hairdye after shampooing and leave it on for 15 to 60 minutes and then rinse your hair throroughly with warm water. No conditioner needed, since the color itself is conditioning.

You will also find washable haircolors from us in forms of colored hairsprays or hairgels. These are an easy way to get a stunning party-look or just to brighten up your day. UV-active colors glow in the black light and come off in the next wash.

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