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Feisty, black asymmetric Jupiter dress. The other sleeve is wide and made of light cotton. The shoulder strap of the other side is made of thicker cotton. Double layered fabric on the top part with button decorated slit cuts. Slick cut down from the pelvis with a decorative zipper on one side and a braided strap on the side of a longer, pointed cut. Two different shaded fabrics give the dress a lively look.

The material is cotton-elastane with good elasticity.

Machine wash in 60 degrees.

Chest ab. 74cm.
Waist ab. 68cm.
Pelvis ab. 86cm.
Length 80-98cm.

M: 78/75/94/81-99cm.

L: 82/79/98/81-99cm.

All Jupiter products are made by fair trade and conscious commerce principals in a remote himalayan village community in Nepal.

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