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Wow! So many personal and stylish jewelry from leopard-pattern heart necklaces to gothic ones, from cassette earrings to colorful diamond rings.

Our necklaces offer you a lot to choose from. Howabout owl-shaped necklace with watch? Or c-cassette blingbling chain? Colorful diamond-pendants and so much more!

From earrings you find cheap plastic earrings, trendy feather-earrings, big ring-earrings, delicious-looking cherries and bone or wood earrings to finish your looks.

Anklets with rhinestones or with bells will slip into your ankles, and make your steps sound light and beautiful.

For those who like their style more hard, check our gothic chokers and artificial leather bracelets with gorgeous studs. Fits for men and women!

Our ring-selection has a lot to offer as well, from statement-rings to rings with bows, studs, different animals, rhinestones, colorful diamonds, skulls and much much more.

Go ahead and take a closer look!

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