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Shock hairdyes for the crazy, colorful and unique hairstyles. Our own special brand, Herman's Amazing Haircolor, amongst other brands such as CrazyColor are high-quality and hair-friendly hairdyes, with which you can have the color you want from shocking pink to pastel blue. Before using these hairdyes, we recommend to use the bleach and peroxide kit, which you can order along with the colors you want.

Our synthetic fiberhairs will remove the bad hair days we all experience sometimes. As usual, our color-variations are huge, so it’s possible to make dreads with all rainbow-colors if you like so. Kanekalon -fiberhair are good to use when making small braids or dreadlocks.

Straight fibers are made with smooth fiber. You can attach it to your hair with different color rubberbands. Excellent fiber for hairdressing and hairbuns!

Fiberlocks will fix your hair into new and extraordinary look. Attach locks with rubberbands or sew them into your own locks if you wish to have even bigger hair. Fiberlocks look good for months!

For quick new look, check our clip-on stripes, and find everything your favorite color, the ones with stripes and leopard- or star-patterns. You may choose either humanhair-stripes or synthetic ones.

Missing forelock? Don’t worry! Check our selection of different color forelocks with clip-on attach, so it’s easy to put it on and take off.

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