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About Cybershop

Cybershop Helsinki Oy is a finnish based company, established in 2003. We have various shops in Finland and an international and safe webshop with a good reputation, delivering worldwide. You will also find our pink and black tent from the biggest summer festivals in Finland.

The main idea behind Cybershop is to bring splashes of color to the gray and official world by offering more options for creating Your own personal style than the traditional clothing lines. This we do by offering different alternative and underground clothing and accessories with a trendy edge and an affordable price without compromising on quality.

We underline that beauty comes in many forms, colors, styles and sizes and this we wish to express in our selections and our service. Different alternative styles are widely represented in our products, customers and staff members as well.

At the moment Cybershop has a personnel of approximately fifty. All of us, from clerks to office workers are all part of a big and colorful family with a passion in what we do and caring of each other. It is our goal to see a smile on a customer’s face, to listen to Your wishes and to provide personal, quality customer service.

Cybershop is a trusted company with a humane touch. Our customer service is easy to contact by phone, e-mail and in facebook.

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