Attaching and treatment of hair extensions

From our selection you will find synthetic clip-on hair extensions, sew-in human hair extensions (weaves) and clip-on human hair extensions. Here you’ll find tips on how to take care of your extensions and information about the differences of hair extension types, put together to help you find a perfect hair extension solution for your new voluminous, long and luxurious hair!

The clip-on extensions (both synthetic fiber and human hair) include five pieces of hairstrips of different horizontal lenghts provided by an attached set of firm clip-on combs. Attaching is easy to do by oneself at home. Lift up a portion of your hair using a comb or with your fingers, slide the comb onto the hair under (open side pointing towards the tip) and push the clip close near the root. Attach all the strips or just some of them to desired places depending if you’re going for a big volume, an even length or an asymmetric look.

Sew-in hair extensions, also known as the weave, is attached by sewing (hance the name) or by making it into a clip-on extension with our loose clips. Weaving is the easiest and hair-friendliest way for a long-term hair extension and for this we recommend to use professional hairdresser services or help from a handy friend. Attaching is made by making thin and tight horizontal french braids of your own hair and tying the end with a small rubberband, cutting the hairstrip to the right length and then sewing it on the braid with a needle and a thread.

When purchasing and treating hair extensions it is important to notice that the synthetic hair fiber cannot be styled or blow-dryed with heat. For styling you can use rolls, braiding and styling products such as hairspray and foam. Human hair extensions can be straightened, curled, blow-dryed and color-dyed as your own hair, just remember to use heat protection products for longer lasting and smoother extension!

The better you take care of your hair extension, the longer it lasts! We recommend purchasing silky hair treatments for conditioning the hair, it gives the hair healthy and shiny, fuzz and tangle free result and it can be used on synthetic hair and human hair as well as your own. Be gentle when brushing the hair, going through small portions at a time, since pulling only makes tangling worse and can even lead to loosening of the hair from the strip. We recommend using a natural hair brush or even better, one designed especially for extensions (these you can find from hair saloons and beauty stores). It is advisable to remove the clip-on extensions before going to sleep.

When shampooing or applying conditioner, always move from root towards tips without unnecessary scrubbing of fuzzing and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Clip-on extensions are easier to wash when un-attached and are recommended to flat dry. Note also that the extensions do not need washing nearly as much as your own hair!

In case you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask from our customer service via e-mail or visiting one of our shops!

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