Cyber Piercing Studio

Cyber Piercing Studio Helsinki: Asematunneli and Itis

The piercing studio Cyber ​​Piercing Studio, launched by Cybershop™, will serve in Helsinki Asematunneli and in Itis Shopping Center and now also in Oulu.

Piercing studios open on weekdays (Mon-Sat) from 12:00 to 19:00.

At Cyber ​​Piercing Studio, the age limit for piercings is 18 years!

Younger people are welcome with a guardian or with a permit form, which you can pick up from the Asematunneli, Itis and  Oulu Cybershop in advance.

NOTE! We only do nipple piercings, microdermals and tongue piercings for adults! The piercing studio doesn't do any industrial or cheek piercings at all! We do not pierce children under 7 years of age.

Walk-In is available at Cyber ​​Piercing Studios, as well as an appointment from 10th of October 2022 only in Asematunneli.

All piercing clients complete and sign a client information form prior to taking the piercing.

When booking a piercing time, please note that one 30 minute time is mainly for one piercing. If you want to take more than one piercing at our piercing studio at the same time, we recommend that you book at least two consecutive times to take the piercing. 

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for the booked time, we may make the booked piercing time available for Walk-In use.

Please note that the anatomy of each person is different. Our piercers will check if whether the piercing you want is suitable for your personal anatomy. Our piercers will only do the piercing if it is safe!

All piercing clients complete and sign a customer information form prior to taking the piercing.

Access to the Cyber ​​Piercing Studio is via the Asematunnel, Itis' and Oulu Cybershop™.
Cyber ​​Piercing Studio can be found on Facebook and Instagram at: @cyberpiercingstudio

More information:

Helsinki Cyber Piercing Studios
Mob: 040 828 2946 / Station Tunnel, Cyber ​​Piercing Studio *
Mob: 040 820 6688 / Itis, Cyber ​​Piercing Studio *

Oulu Cyber Piercing Studio Email:
Mob: 040 484 9198 / Oulu, Cyber ​​Piercing Studio *

* If your call is not answered, we will call you back!

Questions to the piercer, as well as customer feedback to the piercing studios by email or phone.

Aftercare instructions


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