Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions 25g/20pcs -Dark Brown
Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions 25g/20pcs -Dark Brown
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Gorgeous, hight quality micro loop hair extensions cheap and fast from the internet! 100% remy hair extensions are a perfect, safe and easy way to get a dreamy long, full and vibrant hair.

Length 50,8cm (20 inches).
Color: Dark brown #2

Includes 20 strips of remy hair with micro loops and rings.
For attaching you will also need a micro loop pulling needle and pliers.

One package is enough for a normal hair extension, but for an extra voluminous result, or for short hair, we advice purchasing to packages.
You’ll also find packages of extra microrings from us in case of breaking or if you wish to re-attach the extensions.

1. Section your hair horizontally on the nape of you neck and lift the rest of hair up with a clip.
2. Pull a thin section of your own hair through the see-through micro loop while holding the micro ring with another hand.
2. Place the micro ring about 1cm from the root of your hair and pull the microloop and hair strip through the ring without loosing your grip of the ring. When the loop is pulled all the way through it will come off.
3. Tighten the micro loop around your hair with pliers. When removing the extensions, just simply open/break the ring with the pliers. Micro ring extensions can be re-attached if wished.

Hair care instructions:
Keep the hair clean and wash it at least once a week using a mix of shampoo and lots of conditioner. Add silky hair conditioner for extensions if needed. Brush the hair when it’s dry with a brush for extensions. We recommend braiding the hair when exercising or sleeping to reduce unnecessary tangling. Click here for more information for attaching and taking care of hair extensions.

Please note that an opened package cannot be changed or returned.

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