Holi Cat Funky Blue Contact Lenses -A Pair!
Holi Cat Funky Blue Contact Lenses -A Pair!
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Soft, blue contact lenses for three months. Colored contact lenses only for cosmetic use. An intense and and quick change to your look.
The price includes two lenses!

Please note:
We suggest consulting your optician first to know if the soft contact lenses are suitable for you. The measurements of our lenses are shown below. Using according to the directions at your own responsibility.

Diameter 14,5mm.
B.C 8,7mm.

Colored by NPP (Nano Polar Printing) manufacturing process by using color materials that are approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Providing exceptional comfort when wearing and outstanding oxygen transmittance and color expression.

Please note that an opened lens packing cannot be changed or returned.

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