Clip On Human Hair Extensions Curly 20'/80g/5os. Yellow
Clip On Human Hair Extensions Curly 20'/80g/5os. Yellow
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High quality human hair extensions from internet fast and safe! Yellow colored, permanent curly clip-on extensions are an easy and quick way to get long and full, vibrant hair.

100% remy human hair with clip-ons. Five strips with different lengths guarantee the authentic look. Length 50,8cm (20 inches). Weight 80g.

Note! Hair may contain some color change from light hair wisps to black hair wisps.

Contains: 1×21cm hairstrip with four clips, 1×15cm hairstrip with three clips, 1×10cm hairstrip with two clips, 2×5cm hairstrip with one clip.

Hair care instructions: Keep the hair clean and wash it at least once a week using a mix of shampoo and lots of conditioner. Add silky hair conditioner for extensions if needed. Brush carefully from root to tip and dry flat. Click here for more information for attaching and taking care of hair extensions.

Do not use any structure repairing conditioner or shampoo. Use only products that has been meant for extensions.

Do not swim with extensions. Do not sleep with wet extensions. They last longer if you braid them or take off during sleeping.

Please note that an opened package cannot be changed or returned.

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