Metallic Hair Color Spray
Metallic Hair Color Spray
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Metallic shiny hair color spray to make wonderful colors to your hair easily and without bleaching. Washable color fades away in one or washes so you can change your color easily. 

For darker hair we recommend to use white color spray underneath and the using some another color. First spray white color to your hair, brush dried hair and then add the wanted color. Brushing your hair after color has dried you get nice fluffy hair instead of sticky and harsh. We recommend to use gloves while coloring. Color leaves easily from skin using makeup remover.

?Wash color away using shampoo and conditioner. Regarding your hair quality you may have to wash hair twice.

10 different color options and white color using under others or alone.

Check also the video how to use!

ATTN! Sprays cannot be delivered outside of Finland due to the product containing aerosol.

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