Black Tooth Enamel 12ml
Black Tooth Enamel 12ml
Black Tooth Enamel 12ml
Black Tooth Enamel 12ml
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Black tooth paint that you can paint your teeth. you can cover some of your teeth orh paint them to look sharp.

Clean and dry your teeth before using. Your teeth must bee fully dried before applying the paint. You can dry them with paper or cotton wool.
Star painting your teeth the way you want. You may have to add multiple layers of paint.
After painting let the paint dry 5 to 10 minutes without touching your teeth. Your lips should not touch the teeth.
Dry with finger is paint dry. If not the wait longer.

Paint can be removed with alcohol. Use mouthwash water that contains alcohol to remove the paint. Moist cotton wool with mouthwash water and rub the paint of your teeth.
Wash your teeth with brush and toothpaste after removing all the paint from your teeth!

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