Fiberlocks - Black
Fiberlocks - Black
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Black fiberlocks Kanekalon plastic fiber.

Care instructions: normal shampoo wash, hair wax if necessary.

Attachment: Attached by threading a small rubber band into your own hair, sewing or braiding. Lasts for months among your own hair. The threads condense with hot water.

The easiest way to attach the extension is by dividing your own hair into small sections (about 1cm x 1cm), and threading the section through a loop in the dreadlocks. Once the hair is threaded through, divide the section into two parts which you can braid with the dreadlock. When the braid is ready, it can be attached with a rubber band.

Another easy way is to braid your own hair on several small cornrows and thread a dreadlocks loop under the braid using a hook. Then thread the rest of the dreadlocks through the loop twice so that the braid is left between the dreadlocks. The package includes clear pictorial instructions for this.

20pcs single dreadlocks / package (from loop to threading)

Length about 45cm

Taking a sauna, taking a shower, swimming and the like is great, but you should do it all a little more carefully and gently!

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